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Animator | Illustrator



Hi! I'm Iris ten Have, an Animator & Illustrator from the Netherlands! 

Ever since I was little, I've loved creating fantasy worlds and characters, and making them come to life in animations or illustrations. On my 11th birthday I got a Nintendo DSi with Flipnote Studio and it was love at first sight, I've been in love with animating ever since.

I love exploring all kinds of techniques, textures, atmospheres and emotions to convey my stories in an expressive manner. My forté lies in frame-by-frame 2d animation, character design and concept art, though I'm always looking for new awesome projects and techniques to try out. My work could be characterised as dynamic, atmospheric and expressive, I always try to tell a story with every single thing I make and infuse it with emotion to make fictional characters feel relatable.

Aside from animation and illustration, I try out a lot of other things as well! In my free time I love making costumes and props based on my own character designs, to then wear those to costume events with friends. I've been getting into 3d modelling and animation too lately, and I'd like to be able to combine that with 2d animation in the near future to make fun hybrid animations!

My dream job would be to work as an animator or concept artist (or, of course, a combination of the two!) for games, series or movies.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail, Instagram or Youtube!

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BA | Illustrated & Animated Storytelling | St. Joost School of Art & Design


Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Indesign, Krita, Autodesk Sketchbook



Thank you!

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